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11638 Vase By Modenese Gastone AR57851155

  • Artikelnummer: AR57851155
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    • 11638 Vase By Modenese Gastone AR57851155
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11638  Vase By Modenese Gastone AR57851155

cod.‎:11638- Planter (Cm: L.‎ 66 P.‎ 66 H.‎ 71)

Villa Venezia, the collection by Modenese Gastone - Luxury Classic Furniture, has been created on the pursuit of elegance and perfection, together with the sense of the pure ‘Made in Italy’ style.‎ The distinguishing marks of our new collection Villa Venezia lie in the fine velvets and materials, magnificent carvings, handmade decorations, the natural pastel colors of Venetian tradition, and in the quest for aesthetic perfection.‎
Fine woods and original engravings enriched with carvings combine with new decorations and dyes, new elegant finishes, decoration completely created by the hands of our artist decorators.‎ The collection Villa Venezia excels in the richness and perfection in the art work which reveal the ancient tradition, long experience and the master craftsmanship of Modenese Gastone’s team work.‎

11638 Vase By Modenese Gastone AR57851155

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